Wichita Mountains 5/19

It’s always a pleasure to go back to Wichita Mountain National Wildlife Refuge and take some pics. The wildflowers were coming out this trip and the plains were lit up with spring color.


Published by Ray Fetty Photography

I have been in media production for more than 40 years...first working in television. From audio production to camera man, to video engineer, and finally -- producer. I worked for a variety of corporate, broadcast and non-profit companies, working on just a piece, or responsible for the entire segment or program. This work put me in front of lots of high profile people such as Senators, Governors, athletes, and performers, but also in front of everyday people residing in more than 60 countries on 6 continents. After carrying heavy video cameras and equipment for decades, I finally decided to master still photography. I now work daily as a professional photographer, shooting architecture, landscapes, events and portraits. Landscapes are my escape into the fine art of photography. Every chance I find for travel to scenic locations I take images to add to my landscape portfolio. Thanks for taking your time to view my landscape pictures.

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